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  1. Nicholas was my lawyer at all my cases and I’m blessed to say that he does everything in his power to make sure I leave with little or no issues on my cases. Help me beat a double charge! Would recommend to anyone and will definitely be contacting back for future needs. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  2. I was in very difficult situation. I had a false complaint against me in the criminal court. I needed a well qualified and experienced attorney. Luckily I found MR Nicholas attorney of Law offices of Nicholas RamCharitar. He handle my case very well and with his experience in criminal cases. My case dismissed in first hearing. I will strongly recommend him.

  3. My family and I were blessed enough to have Nick represent us. Besides him always dressing the part lol. Nick is extremely knowledgeable and personable. He handles everything with importance and urgency. He makes you feel like you’re his only client. Nick handled everything thoroughly and provided us with the utmost support and attention. Nick was more than we could have ever asked for! I am eternally grateful for him and the service he provides. I thank Nick for the peace and the support he has provided my family with!!!!

  4. My Guy Nick is literally God sent Best lawyer hands down, 5 stars is not enough of an excellent rating for the best lawyer in New york, he’s like my barber i cant switch up on him. I can count on him to represent and get me out of any situation in style. He breaks your situation down and give u every option and great advice. Treated me like family and I recommend everybody to my guy. He literally a lifesaver, you won’t regret making him your #1 lawyer.

  5. Nicholas is Honest, trustworthy and very straight forward. In unvarnished truth he will tell you exactly where you stand and what direction you should go. He has tenacity coupled with a degree of tenderness but never losing site of the end goal, which is to protect, defend and have the best outcome for you. What stands out to me about Nicholas is his passion for making his clients feel at ease. To have a lawyer who is working for you around the clock. Paired with his success rate is priceless. I will always recommend Nicholas to anyone.

  6. Hired him for a family member of mine, he was on point with all advice. But most importantly Won the case

  7. Nick has been an amazing lawyer to me. He is knowledgeable and willing to educate his clients along the way. I am a worry-bug and Nick was able to calm me off the ledge several times. Any questions I had I was able to ask him via text or by a phone call. And if he is unavailable due to court he has an immediate response time of the same day or even within the hour. Nick made me feel like a priority and I know that it is sometime hard for lawyers to do. I recommend Nick for any legal case whether it is business issues or any other legal intervention that is needed.

  8. Look no further, Nick is the best! Took care of my case with ease. Assured me from the start he’d have my charges dismissed and kept his word, thats exactly what happened. No lie I couldn’t stop smiling walking out of the courthouse feeling like a new man. Worth every penny, highly recommend!

  9. Nick, is the best lawyer I have met. I have used several other lawyers and there is no comparison. Nick helped me a lot, he was always informative and he always kept an open line of communication. There were times when he was strapped for time but still managed to contact me and kept me up to date on what was going on. My case was very important to me personally, and he was understanding throughout the entire case. I felt wholeheartedly that he was in this fight with me and I had never experienced this with any other lawyer. He genuinely cares and that is what makes him simply the BEST. We still keep in touch and I consider him a friend. I am truly grateful for the hard work he put into my case. Because of him the most beautiful, precious person in the world that I love unconditionally is happier, safer, and better off then before. That persons world and mine became a lot brighter, because Nick came into our lives and changed it for the best and things will only continue to get better. Thank you brother; everything you have done means the world to me. Family is everything!

  10. I can not recommend Nick enough. His knowledge on the intricacies of the law are a force to be reckoned with! You will be treated like family not just another client. Time and time again he was there when we needed him and positive results each time. You will not be disappointed with his services!! DONOT use anyone else Nick is simply the best.

  11. Nick’s theme song should 100% be the spinners – ill be around. cause whenever you need him, he’ll be there. whenever you call him, he’ll be there, he’ll definitely be around. a few years ago, when i needed him, he was there, at my service, at 6 in the morning, to take a 5 hour drive with me, to deal with a terrible case in upstate new york. could you even SUGGEST something like that to some janky neighborhood attorney? not a chance. nobody would be willing to kill an entire day, for 15 minutes in front of a judge, 5 hours away. thats the thing with nick, he’ll treat you like family, when you have nowhere else to turn. by the way, it only took 15 minutes because the man knows what he’s doing and talking about, i went from facing a bad bad time and a felony charge in a town i was just passing through, 5 hours from home, to what amounted to a small fine, and some counseling. im glad i found nick, you will be too.

  12. Nick is referred to as the pit bull attorney and I couldn’t think of a more fitting name. When I got into trouble my friend referred me to Nick saying he’s the best lawyer out there and they couldn’t have been more correct. When I first contacted Nick, he took notice of my apprehension and eased my mind. He always made sure to answer any and all of my questions. I felt as if he devoted his time to me and my case even if it was late on a Saturday evening, he was always there for me every step of the way. With Nick’s representation, not only did I feel comfortable throughout this whole process, but he made sure my future and my job wouldn’t have been negatively impacted. I wouldn’t trust anyone else other than Nick. He really is the best lawyer there is and I will absolutely recommend him to everyone I know.

  13. Professional and courteous, nick is one of the best lawyers ever. Took care of me as if we were family, made sure I didn’t face any jail time, so I could stay home with my family, thanks Nicky for everything, when you need the best, call this dude!

  14. Nicholas is really a, honest, diligent, relentless, and passionate lawyer. From the moment I explained my case to him to the moment he won my case. He puts in the work and this is something you can’t fake. In a world where shady immigration lawyers is almost the norm, it’s such a relief to have met Nick. I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my entire family for being you. Really just an exceptional representation and defense with my case! God bless!

  15. There isn’t any other person that I would trust with my own legal issues. Nick has demonstrated great professionalism all while showing empathy for and your situation that you may be in. The best part about him is that he will never steer you wrong and will always advise you on the reality of your case. He is most definitely not a person to sugarcoat. If in doubt, call Nick!

  16. Prior to using Nick I was going through a custody case using a court appointed lawyer. Things were getting dragged and overlooked.
    Once Nick took over my case we were able to make some headway and my children were finally priority and were protected! Great communication, he truly cares about what’s going on with the case and is knowledgeable and has some great connections.

  17. Best attorney I’ve ever had! Always gave me the best advice and will always answer my calls no matter what time to help. He’s help me through a lot of trouble. I would highly recommend Nicholas if ever in trouble.

  18. Nick is an excellent lawyer and just a solid guy all around, i would recommend him to anyone thats in need. He has definitely helped me out in many ways, I appreciate the fact that he never left me hanging. Many lawyers get busy and forget to call or text, but nick always made me a priority even when he was extremely busy. Thank you for the excellent work !

  19. Nick, besides representing two of my family members and looking out for their best interest, You accomplished something that I fought for years . I had several lawyers feed me bullsh*t
    And charge me over the top fees I couldn’t afford. I thought I was going to have to give up. I truly thank God for sending you and fighting to get me custody. It was something I never thought would happen. You kept me working, minimized my court appearance. Didn’t take no for any answer and maneuvered through the family court system like a true warrior. Nick hands down you are the best lawyer I have ever had. Thank you for representing me, and my family members in need.. you know the law just as well as you dress and come ready to win!!

  20. Nick the “ Pitbull” among the best lawyer I’ve ever hired, not only is he helping me out, he’s represented a few members in my family, Only the best can get you out of trouble in a few hours on a weekend night. He’s there when you need advice, straight forward and giving you the best legal advice, Making you feel like your family. I wouldn’t trust any other attorney other then Nick to represent me or my family. Shoot he even made me walk at a time i didn’t think I could. Look no where else Nick is the attorney you want to be on your side.

  21. This guy is like a real life Super Hero! I watched him do things for my bro that people thought weren’t going to work or pan out. He might be better than a super hero – he’s like Captain America’s shield – he protects and fights for our Super Heroes – and is pretty much indestructible. If you need a shield that can fight and does it with a nice pair of shoes on – Nick is definitely your guy.

  22. My husband and I came to Nick for some legal advice and he kindly took the time out of his busy schedule to meet with us. He was extremely helpful and guided us through what we needed help with. He is extremely passionate in what he does and it shows through his work ethic. He has been nothing but professional yet down to earth and we will most definitely be using him for any future legal matter we might have. We cant recommend him & his law office enough it was truly a pleasure working together.

  23. Best lawyer of all time help with everything. Know what to do and how to do it. I trust this man with my life against any case and always a phone call away.

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